ReachNow is ending service today.

It’s with a heavy heart that we share news today that ReachNow will end service effective immediately. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve our more than 100,000 Members in Seattle, Portland and Brooklyn over the past three years. 

 You may remember that in February, ReachNow joined YOUR NOW, a new €1 billion joint venture from the BMW Group and Daimler AG comprised of five new companies: PARK NOW, CHARGE NOW, FREE NOW, SHARE NOW and REACH NOW.  Last month it was decided to realign the joint venture companies:

·         PARK NOW and CHARGE NOW are combining forces

·         FREE NOW and REACH NOW will be working closer together

·         SHARE NOW will complete the successful merger of the car2go and DriveNow products.

 Under the direction from the shareholders and global leadership team, the REACH NOW business will now focus on building a multimodal platform and will no longer operate car sharing and ride hailing services in Seattle and Portland. While a difficult decision, this clarification in strategy will allow each vertical to focus on the area of the business where they are strongest. Additionally, SHARE NOW (car2go and DriveNow) will be the sole operator of car sharing in the YOUR NOW family.

 This decision does not affect the car2go service in Seattle or Portland. While ReachNow Members are not grandfathered into car2go, we highly encourage any Members that are not already signed up with car2go to join their service.  Today’s news also does not have any impact on the other REACH NOW (formerly moovel Group) businesses. They will continue to work with city partners to improve the accessibility of public transit. 

 We’ve put together a quick Q&A below to address what we expect to be your most immediate questions. 

 Finally, before wrapping up, we’d like to say thank you to our city, technology, operations and marketing partners, to the communities of Seattle, Portland and Brooklyn and - most importantly - our Members. What we have learned from you about what it takes to truly shape the future of urban mobility will live on through the YOUR NOW family and we could not be more thankful for the opportunity to test, learn, fail, and push the envelope with you. We are so proud to have been the first company to launch multiple services from a shared fleet in one app, to work with residential buildings and companies to understand the mobility needs of those Members and to build services that truly improved how our Members got from A-to-B-to-C. 

 Thank you, thank you! 
Your Team ReachNow



Is ReachNow shutting down?

Yes. As of today, ReachNow will cease operations of all of their mobility services in Seattle and Portland. The last day to use the service is today, but ReachNow will work with partners and Members that are in active rentals to ensure a smooth end of rental.  


Why is this happening? 

Last month, the joint venture underwent a realignment to further clarify the areas of focus for each vertical. CHARGE NOW and PARK NOW will join forces and REACH NOW and FREE NOW will work closer together. SHARE NOW will continue the successful merger of the car2go and DriveNow products. 


As part of this realignment, it was decided that REACH NOW would focus on the development of a multi-modal platform and cease operation of car and ride hailing services in North America. Ultimately, this was a strategic decision in order to sharpen the focus for the joint venture. It will allow REACH NOW to move faster and SHARE NOW (car2go and DriveNow) to be the sole operator of car sharing in the YOUR NOW family. 


Why didn’t ReachNow merge with car2go or SHARE NOW?

From the beginning, ReachNow was to be a part of the multi-modal vertical due to our expertise in managing multiple services from a single fleet. While we planned to collaborate closely with SHARE NOW, they are and have always been a separate entity within the joint venture. With today’s news, this allows SHARE NOW to become the sole operator of car sharing within the YOUR NOW family.


I am in an active rental, will you shut me down? 

No. End your trip as you would normally within the coverage area when you are finished with your trip. If you are outside the coverage area, our team will be in touch with you to understand your travel plans and work with you on the return. 


I just signed up. Can I get a refund? 

For any Member that signed up on or after June 1, 2019, we will refund the $15 sign-up fee. Our team will be in touch with you in the coming days about this. 


Is car2go shutting down too? 

No. This decision does not impact or effect car2go service. 


Do I automatically get to use car2go since I was a ReachNow Member? 

No, but if you are not already signed up for car2go, please do.